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Why are lilies funeral flowers? A brief history (and alternative blooms for funeral bouquets)

Deciding which funeral flowers to buy is no easy feat. It’s a difficult time, and, understandably, grieving family members and friends will often default to lilies as the flower of choice. But funeral flowers have the potential to say so much about your memories of someone, so it’s worth taking…

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Wedding couple with flower bouquet

The Language of Flowers: How to pick a wedding bouquet filled with meaning

Learn a brief history of the Language of Flowers and how to choose flowers based on their history and symbolism is a special way to add even more sentiment to your day.

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COVID-19 Update

Client announcements of the latest COVID-19 updates.

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Flowers For Mind, Body & Soul

Wellbeing, mindfulness, mental health check...all phrases and sayings we hear and see so much about these days in the media, news and everyday life. So what does it all mean?

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